Due to our industry knowledge and experience gained by healthcare and pharmaceutical researches, we also offer personalised expert decision-supporting consulting for our customers. In the field of healthcare communication, marketing and health politics we own up-to-date information and data, and analyse and interpret market processes and trends comprehensively.

András Szabó, Dr. Med. et Jur.

Managing Director, Healthcare Consultant, Owner


András founded Szinapszis with his partners in 1998, he is the leader of Quercus Consulting Group. He obtained degrees in both law and medicine. With  the 20 years of knowledge and a wide professional network he is an opinion leader in the healthcare and pharma sector. Main areas of interests: public health education, medications as value, assessing healthcare stakeholders, the impact of health policy changes in consumer and professional circles, restoring trust in the doctor-patient relationship.

Balázs Kertész

Managing Director, Consultant, Owner


Balázs has an MA in Economics and works for Szinapszis from the beginning as the professional leader of researches, also responsible for internal innovation and international relationships.  Balázs is a developer Szinapszis’ branded pharmaceutical solutions and research models. Main research areas: sales force effectiveness, pharmaceutical targeting, segmentation, KOL mapping, price sensitivity tests, MCM and digital transition in the pharma industry. Presenter on various Hungarian and international conferences.

Krisztina Komjáthy

Healthcare Communication Consultant, Partner

Krisztina has an MA in Economics (management/consulting) and following that graduated as an Expert of Health Politics & Economics on ELTE. Director of the medical communication portfolio within Quercus Consulting Group. The first implementation of adherence program in Hungary was by Krisztina, has more than 15 years of experience in creating pharma marketing and communication strategy. The digital and MCM solutions of her companies won many awards and became international best practices.

Other solutions

Publications and our branded products

Publications and our branded products

Szinapszis constantly provides data, research results and studies for the market from self-financed researches. Part of these have been published or accessible on our website for free and some can be purchased.

Market Research

Market Research

Szinapszis is a full-service market research agency providing innovative services for their clients and data collection for market research partners as well.



Szinapszis’ own Call Center has 70 workstations with more than 10 FTE operators experienced in B2B and healthcare researches and communication.